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Roller coaster





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Roller coaster

A rope park is a sports and entertainment complex usually in a forest park with rope rides, rope towns, rope tracks, at a height. Using rope tracks with a length of more than 100 meters, you can travel on complex routes with obstacles, descents and ascents, unexpected turns and fabulous obstacles. The time of passage of a certain route lasts from 10 – 50 minutes, depending on its complexity and your sports training. In the park, each participant is a pioneer, a climber, strengthening the spirit and body of sports exercises on the ropes, as on the mast of a sailing ship. Especially the high-rise route capture and captivate the children (for them to build separate routes, given the characteristics of age and growth). Children under 12 years old are usually allowed to the rope park accompanied by an adult responsible for the child.

Overcoming obstacles  of various difficulties - ascents to height, passing over the ground, descents and landings, each user, from small to large, is necessarily exposed to special sports equipment and insurance that provide him with maximum security. You will be instructed by specially trained instructors, they will tell you about the features of the route, they will put on You and teach you how to use safety equipment with a safety rope, which will be fastened with a carbiner, they will provide support-before starting the route. Visiting the rope Park, it is desirable for you to dress in comfortable sports clothes and shoes, so that your movements are not constrained, so that you feel like a bird flying above the ground, trees, ponds, so that your leisure time brings you pleasure and diversity.

The history of rope parks takes us back to the 1920s. It was then that rope parks actively began their work in America, Canada, England and Europe, as sports facilities for the training of military paratroopers. In Ukraine rope parks became popular in the late 1990-ies. Entertainment on these man-made  fabulous routes bring joy in the fresh air, in communion with nature, give rise to the spirit of sports love for height, extreme, as individual users, couples and the whole family, the team. After all, rope parks are used for entertainment, sports competitions for children, schoolchildren, students, for corporate parties and celebrations of entire organizations. Enjoying certain victories over yourself, overcoming fears in free flights – you test your strength, gain self-confidence, get a healthy adrenaline. You will be in a good mood until the next visit to the rope Park.

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