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How to build a rope park?





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How to build a rope park

A Rope park – is a center of active entertainment, sports and recreation, as well as a profitable business for the whole family, which successfully operates from March to November, and even all year round (in some cases). To create a rope park it is necessary to choose its successful location – in crowded places of the city: large residential areas, parks, squares, beaches, overwater pools. It is good to deploy rope parks in the maximum green areas; open areas, where it is easy to breathe in the fresh air due to the woodland. You can build a Park under the trees and over their crowns. it is necessary to take into account the different age categories of users of rope parks, trails and routes of varying complexity, viewing platforms, large swings, rope crossings and many other attractions are built. Residents of the city will be happy to visit rope parks, modern entertainment trails, bring children, friends, colleagues to various competitions, family and industrial holidays, birthdays, graduation, Farewell bell – finishing school.

During the construction and  arrangement of the rope Park, first of all, high - quality materials are selected, the safety of its operation is calculated and taken into account as the main criterion of work. The whole system of the rope Park is designed, built, installed in accordance with the latest standards. Cables and ropes are tested, special equipment which the rope Park is equipped with, is mounted with double safety. The latest continuous fastening system protects against falling. When designing a rope Park and its further construction, many peculiarities of further operation are taken into account: structural strength, features of the location, the intensity of operation, the approximate number of participants. Many attractions of the rope park- sports complex for the whole family from start to finish, will attract users, create confidence in the object of sports and entertainment pleasure, located at an altitude of 1 to 10 meters and  quickly pay off. In crowded places and organized attractions rope parks of small or medium size pay for themselves in 12-20 months.

There is special equipment for the construction of rope parks and specially trained people for their maintenance. In the construction and organization of wooden rope courses, without nails and screws trunks of trees are used by means of wooden strips, screeds, which protect them from damage, and the trees themselves become the support and the reliability of the rope Park. When choosing trees for fastening the rope Park, the distances at which the trees grow (from 5-8 m), the diameter of the tree (from 30-50 cm) are taken into account. It can be both coniferous and deciduous trees, creating coolness in hot weather, the beauty of the landscape in all seasons.

In rope parks for children attractions are installed at a height of 2-3 m above the ground, with stretched nets, ropes, platforms with different routes and levels of difficulty. Rope parks are built as an individual sports facility, and in combination with other equipped sites: on the beaches, in the city squares, lakes, ski resorts. The height of the rope Park runs is selected from 1m -15 m, the length can be from one kilometer or more-500 m for each chain – rise, pass roadblocks and descent, flights and crossing the bodies of water on the cable car and trolley.

Indoor rope parks  are built in large rooms, in shopping and entertainment centers, on reinforced concrete metal or wooden artificial anchorages with climbing walls and mazes, various roadblocks and large swings, hanging platforms and wobbly beams, gymnastic rings, with trolleys, feels like a bungee. An active area and a place for a relaxing holiday are created create for kids. Routes can be separate and intersecting with each other. On all routes the system of the latest continuous insurance is installed, which makes the rope Park on artificial anchorages safe and actively demanded by both children and their parents. The advantage of indoor rope parks is that they  can work all year round and pay off quickly.

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